• Fancy Cars - Alone feat. Kirsten Collins

    Fancy Cars - Alone feat. Kirsten Collins

    Fancy Cars is a new electronic music project created by a veteran producer who would like to remain nameless for now. OK. He’s currently working on an upcoming four-piece EP, which is expected to be released later this summer.

    The first single and his proper debut impact with this new project is called “Alone“, but don’t worry he doesn’t come alone, the song includes the guest vocals of singer, model and actress Kirsten Collins.

    The result is a superb and deliciously hypnotic electronic piece with joyful synths and a perfect radio-ready and quite atmospheric harmony to hit hard the radio waves, all wrapped with a future bass scene.

    The good news, “Alone” is available as free download. You’re welcome.
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  • Teasley - Too Much

    Teasley - Too Much

    American emerging singer-songwriter Josh Teasley, known as just Teasley, doesn’t rest a minute and continues sharing some new music after the impact achieved with his debut single “Hit It”, which has been supported by energy drink trademark Red Bull.

    Following the premiere of buzz tracks “Runaway” and “With Your Love”, the promising new artist has returned with another new summer-ready gem called “Too Much”.

    The electronic piano-driven piece includes some influences of tropical music turning it in a delicious and playful jam. It was premiered through Vevo on Tuesday June 28th.
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